Totalus Rankium | 17

Totalus Rankium | 17

Last week, 1865 writers and co-creators Steve Walters and Erik Archilla spoke with the hosts of the podcast Totalus Rankium–an irreverent and often cheeky revue of American presidents from a Brittish perspective. These two gents, Rob and Jamie, rank each president in categories of statesmanship, scandal, how Hollywood-ready they are, and how good their official portrait is.

The podcast aired over the weekend, but Rob and Jaimie were kind enough to allow me to rebroadcast the episode on our feed. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, be sure to subscribe to Totalus Rankium–they’ve just finished their ranking of Rutherford B Hayes, who of course succeeded Ulysses S Grant, who of course succeeded Andrew Johnson. 

It’s a great show, amusing but informative, much like their conversation with Steve and Erik.

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