Terms is a serial audio drama set in a world far too parallel to our own. The American political system is strained to breaking by intractable political impasse and the growing divide among parties. Checks and balances that should buttress our liberties are failing, and the very meaning and purpose of government is being called into question.

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Coming this Sunday from Spoke Media and Wondery. All politics is personal.


S1E1: Election Night

As a most unexpected election night unfolds, president Oliver Pierce brings some into the loop and cuts others out as he ponders his next move. Will he ride into the…


S1E2: The Cage

While America watches the first public interview with president-elect Dunwalke since election night, sitting president Pierce begins a more private conversation. As one man lays out his vision for the…


S1E3: Opening Gambit

Monumental undertakings begin with just a few, subtle steps. President Pierce moves his pawns into place while trying to protect his queen. New to Terms? Subscribe on smarturl.it/termsp If you…


S1E4: Goddamn Rockford

Pace Media reporter Daniel Schwartz isn’t the least bit excited to be in Illinois acting as Victoria’s hammer. Trying to see what he can shake loose about a cover-up proves…


S1E5: Upstate

Ron freezes in Upstate New York while recruiting a new co-conspirator. Back in DC, the vice president gets the cold shoulder. New to Terms? Subscribe on smarturl.it/termsp If you enjoyed…


S1E6: Smart People

Several key players contemplate who could be behind recent events. Some are getting close, others are getting scared, and a few are looking to get even. New to Terms? Subscribe…


The Gift Of Listening: A Holiday Special

Why do we listen? If you ever wondered why you’re so drawn to podcasts, this Holiday Special is just for you. Terms creator Lindsay Graham is joined by the hosts…



Created by Lindsay Graham

Written by Robert McCollum and Michael Federico

Directed by Robert McCollum

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham

Co-executive Producers: Robert McCollum and Michael Federico

Music and Sound Design by Lindsay Graham

Cast of TERMS

Senator James McCallister: R Bruce Elliott

Daniel Schwartz: Michael Federico

Agent James Franks: Ian Ferguson

Mike Prescott: Joel Ferrel

Victoria Pace: Valerie Hauss-Smith

Senator Quinton Dale: Dari Hayes

Rebecca Montgomery: Whitney Holotik

Series Announcer: Michael Johnson

Olivia Davis: Constance Jones

Chief of Staff Evelyn Taylor: Ellen Locy

Colonel Simon Hosek: Greg Lush

First Lady Gwendolyn Pierce: Lydia Mackay

General Marcus Bradford: Marcus Mauldin

Senator Margaret Caraway: Kristin McCollum

Ron Clarkson: Robert McCollum

John in the Bar: Barry Nash

Martha the Waitress: Trina Nishimura

TRS Operator: Maryam Obaidullah Baig

Senator Max Schiller: Mark Oristano

President-Elect Charles Dunwlake: Brandon Potter

Vice President Victor Garza: Tony Ramirez

Senator Jeremiah Lewis: Dennis Raveneau

DA Richard Valdez: Philip Ray

Secret Service Agent Zach: Aaron Roberts

Mitch Prescott: Mark Schectman

President Oliver Pierce: Jeffrey Schmidt

Store Clerk: Ian Sinclair

Lexi Schiller: Jeanie Tirado

Governor Anna Shaw: Sally Vahle

Christina Garza: Christie Vela

Brigadier General Doub: Drew Wall

Davis Frye: Kent Williams

Patrick Wilson: Omar Yeefoon


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