Prologue 2: Directing the Whirlwind | 2

Prologue 2: Directing the Whirlwind | 2

General Ulysses S Grant finds himself caught in the middle of the struggle between Stanton and Johnson. 

1865 is an Airship production.

Starring Jeremy Schwartz as Edwin Stanton and James Black as Ulysses S Grant.

Also featuring (in order of appearance):

David Charles

R Bruce Elliot

Chris Salazar

John Tyson

Blake Hackler

J Michael Tatum

David Coffee

Aaron Roberts

Created by Steven Walters and Erik Archilla

Written and directed by Steven Walters

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham and Steven Walters

Co-executive Producers: Erik Archilla and Robert McCollum

Music by Lindsay Graham.

Audio editing by Mollie Baack.

Sound Design by Derek Behrens and Lindsay Graham.