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Airship makes podcasts. But podcasts are hard to make! They take time and talent and temerity, and all of that is expensive.


We place ads in our shows, and these sponsorships can keep a podcast healthy and growing. But not all shows can survive by ads alone. Limited series like our audio dramas have both fewer episodes and higher costs – and that means they need your help to thrive.


If you enjoy Airship podcasts, please consider becoming a member. Your five bucks a month will go to supporting the shows you love and help bring new shows to life. In exchange, you’ll get access to ad-free shows, early releases, member-only bonus episodes, insider info and more.


You can also support individual shows on Patreon for 1865 or Terms.


Membership FAQ

Q. What do I get with a membership?

  • Ad-free listening to most Airship shows.
  • Early access and binge listening.
  • Bonus episodes.
  • Member-only email newsletters.
  • AMAs with hosts and creators
  • Anything else we can think of


Q. Where does my money go?

Airship produces many of its shows in partnership with other creators, and we share in the revenue and expenses. Membership dollars is no different. 10% of every membership goes to pay Airship network costs and overhead. The remaining 90% goes to the creators of the shows you select when joining.


Q. Why aren’t all shows available ad-free?

Airship doesn’t own the rights to all the shows it produces, so we can’t offer ad-free listening to podcasts like American History Tellers or American Scandal. We wish we could!


Q. May I share my RSS Feed or audio files?

If you have family or special listening buddy, feel free to share your member-only feed with them, but not with the world. Your member-only RSS feed is unique to you; we’d hate to restrict your access for oversharing.

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