In Plain Sight | 6

In Plain Sight | 6

In the wake of Captain Williams’ murder, President Grant sends the K Troop cavalry to investigate the crime and take on the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

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Starring James Black as Ulysses S Grant.

Also featuring:

Liz Mikel

Sydney James Harcourt

Kelly Jenrette 

Kurt Rhoads

Ashley Wood

Jason Douglas

William Jackson Harper

Matt Gray

Chris Salazar

Dr Raymond Christian 

Charlie Campbell

Created by Steven Walters and Erik Archilla

Written by Steven Walters 

Directed by Robert McCollum and Steven Walters

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham and Steven Walters

Co-executive Producers: Erik Archilla and Robert McCollum

Consulting Producer: Jonathan Norton

Music by Lindsay Graham

Audio editing by Mollie Baack

Sound Design by Derek Behrens and Lindsay Graham

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