Booth: A Hideous Dream | 16

Booth: A Hideous Dream | 16

In the finale of the three-part bonus series on the John Wilkes Booth story, with the surrender of Robert E Lee, Booth is driven to take the final, foreboding step towards his dark and violent destiny.

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Featuring (in order of appearance):

Montgomery Sutton (John Wilkes Booth)

Jessica Renee Russell (Lucy Hale)

Reed Birney (Senator John P. Hale)

Steven Walters (Robert Lincoln)

Cameron Cobb (John Harrison Surratt, Jr.)

Max Hartman (Lewis Thornton “Payne” Powell)

Derek Phillips (David Edgar Herold)

Tyson Rinehart (George Andrew Atzerodt)

Matthew Gray (Ford Theater Actor 1)

Pam Dougherty (Ford Theater Actor 2)

Didi Archilla (Ford Theater Actor 3)

Taylor Harris (Soldier 1)

Erik Archilla (Soldier 2)

Created by Steven Walters and Erik Archilla

Directed by Robert McCollum

Written by Steven Walters

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham

Co-executive Producers: Erik Archilla, Robert McCollum and Steven Walters

Music and Sound Design by Lindsay Graham

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Look for the final special “Inside the Episode” interview with the writers and producers of the series to find out more about the real history behind 1865.