In American Scandal, host Lindsay Graham again dives deep into American history, but this time to get on the inside of some of the most infamous—or forgotten—scandals this nation has seen: steroids in sports, oil on Alaskan beaches, arms deals in Iran, drug deals in Nicaragua, demented cult leaders in West Virgina and disgraced politicians across the country. Created by Graham for Wondery, American Scandal evocatively uses music and immersive sound design to capture your attention and pull you into the story. It debuted at #2 on the Apple Podcasts Charts and has remained in the Top 100 week after week.

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Encore: Iran Contra | Walsh | 4

Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh is called to D.C. to investigate Iran-Contra and bring those responsible to justice. But what he discovers will shake his political allegiances, and drive a wedge…


Encore: Iran Contra | Don and Ed | 3

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Host: Lindsay Graham

Sound Design: Lindsay Graham, Derek Behrens

Music: Lindsay Graham

Executive Producer: Hernan Lopez (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Marshall Lewy (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Stephanie Jenz (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham


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