In American Scandal, host Lindsay Graham again dives deep into American history, but this time to get on the inside of some of the most infamous—or forgotten—scandals this nation has seen: steroids in sports, oil on Alaskan beaches, arms deals in Iran, drug deals in Nicaragua, demented cult leaders in West Virgina and disgraced politicians across the country. Created by Graham for Wondery, American Scandal evocatively uses music and immersive sound design to capture your attention and pull you into the story. It debuted at #2 on the Apple Podcasts Charts and has remained in the Top 100 week after week.

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Encore: Exxon Valdez | Winner Take Nothing | 4

The fishermen run a blockade. Alyeska Pipeline goes to extremes to root out a mole. Exxon and the fishermen face off in court.  Photos of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill can…


Encore: Exxon Valdez | The Spin Cycle | 3

After Captain Hazelwood’s arrest, Exxon tries to clean up its public image. President Bush tells Exxon to pick up the pace on the cleanup. Fisherman Riki Ott takes on Big Oil…


NBC News presents Into America

Into America is a new podcast about politics, about policy, and the power that both have in shaping the lives of the American people. Into America is hosted by Pulitzer…


Encore: Exxon Valdez | The Mosquito Fleet | 2

The fishermen find that damage from the spill is even worse than expected, while a winter storm destroys Exxon’s plans for a quick cleanup. Captain Hazelwood disappears. Photos of the Exxon…


Encore: Exxon Valdez | Oil Meets Water | 1

A supertanker carrying 53 million gallons of crude oil runs aground in Prince William Sound sparking the worst man-made ecological catastrophe in the country’s history at the time. As Exxon struggles…


Introducing American Elections: Wicked Game

From the host of the American History Tellers and American Scandal (Lindsay Graham), this new podcast will explore all 58 presidential elections to discover if there ever was a “good…


Waco – The Fire Rages On | 7

Eric Benson is a senior editor at the magazine Texas Monthly. In 2018, Benson wrote a series of articles that helped shed new light on the tragedy at Mount Carmel….


Waco – Day 51 | 6

The Branch Davidians prepare to surrender. But their plan unravels when they face the FBI, which is under intense pressure to get quick results. Support us by supporting our sponsors!…



Host: Lindsay Graham

Sound Design: Lindsay Graham, Derek Behrens

Music: Lindsay Graham

Executive Producer: Hernan Lopez (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Marshall Lewy (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Stephanie Jenz (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham


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