In American Scandal, host Lindsay Graham again dives deep into American history, but this time to get on the inside of some of the most infamous—or forgotten—scandals this nation has seen: steroids in sports, oil on Alaskan beaches, arms deals in Iran, drug deals in Nicaragua, demented cult leaders in West Virgina and disgraced politicians across the country. Created by Graham for Wondery, American Scandal evocatively uses music and immersive sound design to capture your attention and pull you into the story. It debuted at #2 on the Apple Podcasts Charts and has remained in the Top 100 week after week.

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Interview with Filmmaker Alex Gibney | 5

Host Lindsay Graham talks with Alex Gibney, director of “Client 9,” a documentary that examines the rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer. Support us by supporting our sponsors! ZipRecruiter –…


New York State of Crime – Two Men in a Cell | 4

Preet Bharara investigates Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos.  The explosive trials and the aftermath.  Links to NY Times articles mentioned: Support us by supporting our sponsors! Native –…


Rethink Presidential Politics with American Elections: Wicked Game

American Elections: Wicked Game is a new podcast from Lindsay Graham that will explore all 58 presidential elections, leading up to the big day in November 2020. From the inevitable…


New York State of Crime – Pay to Play | 3

Governor Cuomo tries to stamp out corruption with an independent commission who deals with interference from unexpected places.  Attorney Preet Bharara lasers in on the committee’s findings. Links to NY…


New York State of Crime – An Affair to Remember | 2

Troopergate explodes. Governor Spitzer finds himself embroiled in a scandal.  Senator Bruno is investigated by the FBI.


New York State of Crime – Three Men in a Room | 1

In 2006, Eliot Spitzer is elected governor on a promise to tackle corruption in the most dysfunctional state capital in the country–Albany, NY. He is quickly challenged by one of…


Enron – Reckoning | 5

A federal task force is formed to bring Enron’s corrupt executives to justice. Sherron Watkins arrives in Washington to participate in congressional hearings and struggles to process the staggering costs…


Enron – Into the Death Spiral | 4

The Wall Street Journal works to expose the shady financial deals key to Enron’s success. With his company pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, Ken Lay engages in a desperate…



Host: Lindsay Graham

Sound Design: Lindsay Graham, Derek Behrens

Music: Lindsay Graham

Executive Producer: Hernan Lopez (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Marshall Lewy (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Stephanie Jenz (Wondery)

Executive Producer: Lindsay Graham


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